The Cider Mill in Endicott, New York has been a landmark in its location since 1926, and perhaps before. It became part of the Ciotoli family in 1942. One cold winter night in 1972, the Mill was lost to fire, but rebuilt that same year. The "new" Mill became more popular than ever with both longtime community patrons, and touring visitors. The wonderful aromas and tastes of Fall in upstate New York continue to attract thousands each year to the natural goodness of pure cider and all the old-fashioned goodies that complement  its flavor.

Here are some common questions asked by visitors and patrons over the years. If you have others, please feel free to contact us.

How old is The Cider Mill?

There has been a cider mill in Endicott for as long as anyone can remember. The first mill at 2 South Nanticoke Avenue was built in 1926. That mill was lost to fire in the winter of 1972. The current mill was built that same year, at the same location, while the old site was being cleared.

Who owns The Cider Mill?

The Orlando Ciotoli family are the owners of record, but it is also our community of patrons who share “ownership” with us by preserving the mill and it’s traditions of cider-making and Fall goodies generation after generation.

How old is your cider press?

It’s hard to say. The Cider Mill’s 50-ton cider press was purchased used from New England to replace the one lost in the fire of 1972. A few modifications and automations later, it is running like a youngster and squeezing apples at 2,000 pounds per square inch!

Is “pure” cider okay to drink?

Cider Mill cider is called “pure” because it is free of any preservatives or additives. In addition, since 1998 cider for public consumption must be pasteurized or UV radiated to kill bacteria before it is marketed. We chose pasteurization (heating to 160°F and quickly cooling) over radiation. In this way, our “pure” cider is even safer to drink, and as close to nature’s original flavor and nutrition as we can make it!

What kind of apples do you use to make cider?

Cider lovers often have their favorite apple variety or blend (especially hard cider lovers!). The early ripening apples tend to make sweet, but milder cider. As the season moves on, later and later apple varieties press out as deeper, full-bodied ciders with extra tartness, hints of cinnamon, and other subtleties. The key is to press varieties with the truest characteristics provided by the weather and conditions of that particular year. See if you can detect the shifting flavors throughout each Fall.

Click here to begin learning about apple varieties and their characteristics.

Where do your apples come from?

The Cider Mill in Endicott has no orchards of our own. New York State is second in the nation for growing apples, and certainly the right climate and conditions for the best of many varieties. We feel it is an advantage to be able to pick the best apples from around the state, when and where they ripen, as premium examples of their variety. The Cider Mill patrons know, at any point in the season, they are getting the best apples and cider nature has to offer in that particular year.

What apples are used for cider in the off season?

Today, advanced cold storage of certain late season apples with good storing characteristics can make some of the best cider any time of the year. Here again, The Cider Mill is able to select choice apples from around the state just as they are released from storage for fresh-pressing. You can now taste our healthy, flavorful cider for yourself from May until December.

Do you still press cider for people providing their own apples?

Once it became difficult to control the quality and condition of apples going through the press, we had to turn away custom pressing. It was a traditional service we did not like ending, so we do offer quantity pricing (20 gallons or more) of cider for storing, freezing, wine making, or hardening from our own apples. E-mail us with any special request. We will help if we can.

Can we reuse The Cider Mill jugs?

The Cider Mill jugs are common plastic  containers that are typically recyclable in most local communities. As with milk and juice containers, there is no way to reuse them at this time.

Can we bring our own cider containers?

Unfortunately, no. Because we cannot control the sanitizing of everyone’s container, and because of the way the filling nozzle enters each container, it is considered a health hazard.

Can we taste samples of The Cider Mill goodies?

Because there are different apples ripening and being pressed throughout the season, the cider being sold fresh each day can always be sampled. Also, there are advertised days during the season when The Cider Mill Pies and cheeses are prepared for sample tasting, as well.

Can I order ahead for pick-up?

If you are treating a large group or planning a special gathering, we encourage you to contact us through an online order for pick-up. Print out a price list and scannable order form that you can phone in, drop-off or e-mail as a re-scanned pdf. We will confirm so you can be certain you get the choices you want, as fresh as possible, on the day you need them.

If it’s a special request that doesn’t fit the order form, just e-mail us. We will help if we can.