Thank you for your interest in scheduling a field trip to the Cider Mill.

Upon receipt of this request, you will be contacted by us within 2 business days to acknowledge your request and confirm your date and time. Please note, requests are handled on a first come basis; simply submitting a request does not automatically confirm your date or time.

If you are requesting multiple dates or times, we ask that you complete a request for each as well as indicate you are requesting multiple dates/times in the "additional information" field.

Cider Mill Field Trip Guidelines

  1. School tours of the Cider Mill can be booked from September 4 through November 13, Tuesday thru Thursday of each week at the following times:
Time Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays
9:00am Available Not Available Available
10:30am Available Available Available
12 noon Available Available Available
1:30pm Available Available Available


  1. Black Out Dates are September 19, October 30 and 31. 
  2. We provide guided tours for groups numbering between 35 and 50 people.  If you have a group that does not meet the minimum requirement, our facility is set up in such a way that a self-guided tour is a great option.  At any time during our operating hours one is able to walk through and view the doughnuts being made in the kitchen, signs explaining the apple pressing process, the press, and often, a video showing cider being made. Samples of our delicious cider are always available in our store.  We have a wonderful farm stand with apples, pumpkins, squash, flowers and other seasonal produce  that is fun to wander through.   
  3. Please arrive on time!  If you are going to be late, give us a call.  If we receive no call from a group after 15 minutes of the scheduled starting time, the tour must be forfeited.
  4. We usually end the tour with Cider Mill cider and a doughnut in the Cider Mill Playhouse. Please do not allow anyone on the stage for any reason.
  5. Let us know if you would like to take the cider and doughnuts back with you instead of eating them in the Playhouse. We will be happy to bag them for you.  

Be sure to checkout our Field Trip FAQs for more information.

Again, thank you for your interest, we look forward to your visit! Following your request you will be contacted, by e-mail, to let you know if the date and time is available.

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