The Cider Mill, Endicott NY
Sweet Tastes of Autumn

Our Farmstand

Harvesting the sights, aromas and tastes of Autumn.

Our Outdoor Farmstand is closed for the season

but you can still find Produce, Apples & Other Goods in our lobby!


Red Potatoes $1.29/lbs

Onions $1.49/lbs

Sweet Potatoes $1.49/lbs

New Potatoes $2.00/quart

Cabbage $.69/lbs

Acorn Squash $.79/lbs

Butternut Squash $.79/lbs

Buttercup Squash $.79/lbs

Spaghetti Squash $.79/lbs

Blue Hubbard Squash $.79/lbs


Cider Mill Lobby

Apples from this year's crop are starting to come in! $1.09/lbs

Available Varieties:

  • Fuji
  • McIntosh
  • Gala
  • Cortland
  • Macoun
  • Empire
  • Cameo
  • Ida Red
  • Granny Smith
  • Crispen
  • Braeburn
  • Red Delicious
  • Golden Delicious
  • Honey Crisp $2.49/lbs
Cider Mill Apples

Autumn Decorating!

Gourds $.99 each or 2 $1.50

Small Indian Corn $2.50

Mini Hay Bales  $3.99